Brand image. Personal or commercial?

A brand image develops over time through advertising and brings value through the customers experience and thoughts. You might know many brands, and you might have many opinions about them without actively thinking about them every day. Some examples are Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike, Starbucks, and IKEA. The brands impression exists in the customer’s mind and includes both real and imaginary qualities. Businesses nowadays use social media efficiently in this process, which can both help building the brand and then continue to maintain their established brand image. The evolution in technology and use of social media also helps the customers to properly research before they choose the brand they would prefer.

Instagram is a social platform perfect for bloggers who like to capture and share their experiences in photos. The user creates their own photo album, with both photos and videos, edited and posted immediately. Easy, simple and within a few clicks you can share your photo album with either chosen family and friends, or the thousands of followers you may have.

Jessica Alba (J.A) is a successful American actor, model and businessperson. She is one of the few celebrities I follow on Instagram. I found her so interesting in the beginning: She seemed honest, real and natural, posting family pictures, the typical everyday posts, and even photos without makeup. This changed. In 2012, she started co-founding a company called “The Honest Company” that sells non-toxic household & body care products. Now she owns approximately 15-20% of the shares in this business and this affects her use of social media.

Her personal profile transformed into a professional profile. She still posts a few family photos in-between the promoting pictures, there is still a little ‘innocent’ advertising (example a selfie from her favorite coffee shop), but mostly her Instagram is a big commercial for The Honest Company. Not quite the same as before. This is not what I signed up for when I started following this beautiful, warm and loving woman. I hoped for a peek in her personality and everyday-life, but ended up with posts about a fashionable brand that I cannot enjoy myself. The trust and interest is gone, and therefore the invisible flounce is gone too.


So you can see the difference from the three first photos (from a long time ago) and the three last photos (more recent posts). All photos are screenshots from J.A’s Instagram Profile.  (

At this point, I’m thinking about unfollowing her. Her page has become so commercial. She uses her fame and popularity to give this brand a greater image. It’s so official and there is almost nothing personal left. She’s using her success to drive her Instagram profile (getting more followers and fans), and her Instagram profile to drive her success (getting more customers and earning more profits). I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I don’t find it interesting enough to see it several times each day. Then questions pop up in my head: what happens behind-the-scenes? What happens after the posts? Does Jessica Alba encourage us to enjoy our healthy and honest life, or does she encourage us to buy her products?
So here it comes: my question for you guys today. Do celebrities like J.A use their power and popularity to build trust with their followers for their own personal and/or professional gain or is this marketing and advertising actually genuine love for their followers? What do you think?

Enjoy this day! #YouOnlyLiveOnce


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