Social media, the corporate strategy key

As mentioned in my first blog post, Brand Image. Personal or commercial, businesses and companies use social media efficiently in the process of developing and maintaining their brand image. So, how do they use social media exactly? Some companies use personal bloggers to spread information about their brand, others create corporate blogs or profiles on different social media platforms. These days the marketing of products are as important as the products themselves and the key to use social media as part of the corporate strategy, is to keep customers rapidly interacting with the brand. Consumers deeply connected to a company and their brand will be more likely to share their experiences – and consumers nowadays are more empowered than ever before, to do this with internet media at their disposal.


Personal bloggers as an advertisement strategy

Consumers have become marketers, therefore companies may pay or “sponsor” bloggers to post information about their brand in form of ‘personal experiences’ or recommendations. Bloggers with many followers create awareness about brands and products in an extremely fast and efficient way. This marketing process includes people being influenced by personal blogs – which they already have obtained good impressions and emotions about. This leads to an easier approach for brands towards customers, and brings better chances for a good customer impression for the product advertised. It seems to me that there’s a trend that bloggers pretend not to be sponsored or paid. They just act normal: “I love this product, and use it every day”. The strategy is clear, they do not advertise in the typical way – they are digital influencers. It’s more subtle and discreet, so not every receiver of this sort of advertising may know what hit them. Spreading information quickly by a click of a button, has social media become the new ‘word of mouth’?  Are we all connected customers? Being influenced by others experiences and preferences, do we trust blogs and other social media recommendations blindly?


These three photos illustrates digital influence and gives us an idea of the ‘not being paid’ trend. Nocco ambassadors, with different Nocco energy drinks – but without a selling statement. Screenshots from the explore page on Instagram.( )

These three pictures show corporate profiles on Instagram. Obvious intentions to generate followers, create brand awareness and sell specific products.
Screenshots from ‘Tanaddicted’ and ‘Whiteaddicted’s Instagram profiles. ( & )

Social Media vs traditional Internet Media

There is a difference between using social media as a marketing strategy, contrary to the traditional ads or banners on other internet media. If a company chooses to order, pay and successfully create an advertisement on a website – they get the opportunity to analyse the result from the ad afterwards. Example, how many clicks did the ad give? How many customers clicked further, and actually purchased the product advertised? In this way, the company can provide facts to management, leaders or stakeholders that this strategy is ‘money well spent’. What do you think, can companies be sure that bloggers or corporate profiles bring the same result? Can they still go into a board meeting and strongly argue that money spent on a specific blogger to use their product and post one picture on Instagram will pay of, and be ‘money well spent’ as well?


Enjoy this day! #YouOnlyLiveOnce



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